Wood Finishes Direct

Wood Finishes Direct

"We've been working with Aiden since August 2020. In that time, he has 

made some key changes to our business brand. 

He assisted us in injecting new energy into our marketing comms, specifically assisting in 

solidifying and delivering a more consistent brand tone of voice. Once tightened, he 

assisted with our video production, specifically offering some key ideas and 

structuring insights on our scripts. Now he is creating content or our blog and 

shaping the future on how we deliver long-form content. 

As a side business, I manufacture leather goods for cameras and Aiden 

has also attributed written blogs for that.

He is a pleasure to work with, never afraid to chip in an idea and always strives for new 

challenges. I'd recommend working with him to anyone."

Ben O’Reilly

Brand Marketing Lead

Wood Finishes Direct


Cultured Vultures

"A writer and graduate of film that thinks about movies night 

and day. It's a blessing and a curse really."

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